About Us

Deeksha Instruments Corporation is the market leader in Analytical and Bio-technological segment of the industry. Being a reliable Importer, Supplier, Wholesaler, and Distributor in India, we work with the high caliber professionals having in-depth knowledge of Analytical Tools and Instrumentation. Owing to the same, we are able to provide top class Biotechnology/Biology/Microbiology & Related Instruments, Pharmaceutical/Chemistry & Related Instruments, Analytical & Related Instruments, Environmental Testing Instruments, and Pesticide Residue Analysis & Related Instruments. We are continually striving in to achieve our vision of continuous improvement in the  market segment by bridging the gap between the best of manufacturers and buyers. Our commitment to retain our leadership in the market makes us widen the boundaries of customer service and ethical practices.

Customer satisfaction being the sound base of our business endeavors. To garner the same, we channelize our resources and associate with the leading names of the Analytical and Bio-technological segment globally to source top-class products for our clients. Our aim is to reach to the multitude and provide the best of Science and Technology based products to customers belonging to diverse industrial sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Biology, Microbiology, Environment, Pesticide, Analytical and Measurement Tools, and others.

We have also been the part of various Humanitarian Projects for Children, Cancer Patients, and Animals, as we believe in growth of both business and social community.

Our Competitive Edge

Following factors have given edge over other market players:
  • Top quality products
  • On time delivery
  • Ethical business practices
  • Reasonable rates
  • Years of experience
  • Professional approach
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